Day 1 – Travel day

Day 1 – Travel day
Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

My flight was at a reasonable time or so I thought, 11:15 from Manchester, but as that meant being at the airport for 9:15 on a Sunday it wasn’t really reasonable. There was a train from Preston to Manchester Airport at 8:14 due in at 9:17, but I thought that was a bit tight in case there were any delays or cancellations. The earlier ‘train’ at 06;00 a.m. was actually a bus! I got to the station in plenty of time, 5:36 actually. Technically the station was closed so three or four of us were stood outside in the cold and hail and guess what the bus was delayed – something about hail storm and accident on the M55 (I hope no-one was seriously injured). However, the driver made excellent time and we were only 7 minutes late getting to the airport

My flight was with Monarch Airlines, who I’ve not booked with before, and I’m very impressed so far. No problems booking in, boarding or flying, Will choose them again if I have a choice.

The hotel I booked provided a shuttle bus from the airport (for a small fee of 5 Euros) and it was waiting for me (and two other passengers) even though our plane had been delayed slightly. Checking in was a breeze and as you can see from the photos the room is fabulous.

I spent the next few hours unpacking, ironing, relaxing and then getting ready for dinner. I noticed as we pulled up at the hotel that there was a restaurant opposite. Roberto, one of the night receptionists, did recommend another restaurant but he said it was 10 minutes away. I got about a third of the way there and decided it was just too far. It was about 8:30 p.m. by then and it would probably be nearly 10 when I was walking back. Far too late for a single woman in a strange country lol, so I decided to go to the restaurant over the road. I was very lucky and managed to get a table straight away although it did appear to be busy. I enjoyed a calzone pizza with half a litre of prosecco. Very nice and even nicer at 13.60 Euros (plus tip so I rounded it up to 15 Euros), very reasonable I think.

I went back to the hotel bar for a night cap and decided to try a beer but at 5 Euros will probably not do that again, I got half a litre of prosecco for that price at the restaurant! Anyway I’m now in my room uploading the first set of pictures and writing this journal.

Tomorrow’s adventures will be on the islands of Venice.


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