Day 3 – Day of contrasts

Day 3 – Day of contrasts
Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

Happy New Year everyone I hope you enjoyed your evening whatever you chose to do.

Breakfast this morning was fabulous. Copious amounts of fresh fruit, cereals, breads and cheeses all set out in the ‘function room’. It was not quite the same yesterday morning and I guess it will back to the norm tomorrow. However I took the opportunity to eat healthily and tucked into two bowls of fresh fruit! I took the shuttle bus to Venice at 10:05 with the plan to come back early, have a siesta and then go out for dinner to the restaurant recommended by Roberto on the first evening.

I have titled this entry day of contrasts because I left the hotel in brilliant sunshine but when I got to St Mark’s Square it was shrouded in fog. The square was busy but not as crowded as yesterday, however there were still dozens if not hundreds of people queuing to go inside Basilica San Marco. Palazzo Ducale was closed and maybe if that had been open the queue would have been less, maybe not but I wasn’t prepared to stand in the cold for half hour or more to shuffle round the church with hoards of strangers. I found the Bridge of Sighs, took the photos and decided to head back towards the sunshine.

This part of my journal could be classed as ‘toilet humour’ so those of you easily offended can skip this paragraph. When I stopped for my ‘late’ lunch yesterday I used the toilet in the restaurant. OMG why why I just don’t understand it! There was a high level cistern which you flush but the ‘pan’ is about 1 foot high. What the … again why? I’ve been racking my brains to try to understand the reasoning and I just can’t, can any Italian out there explain it to me? It appeared to be the same height in the gents toilet and surely the chances of ‘splashback’ must be very high due to the very low pan? How on earth do they cope on a daily basis? All I can say is that the women of Venice must have very good thighs. Today I found that I needed to visit a convenience more frequently and dreaded what I would find behind the door of the public loo, especially after paying 1.50 Euros to enter. What a lovely surprise, perfect height, perfectly clean, definitely recommend. Anything but using restaurant loos – I found the same thing in the restaurant I used today!

As I wandered around the streets admiring the buildings and choosing a restaurant for lunch I started to recognise streets and was able to navigate my way quickly back to the shuttle bus pick up point. When I got on the earlier bus it struck me that I had in fact done exactly the same thing as yesterday, walked the streets of Venice for about 4.5 hours. I got back to my room feeling very cold and very tired so I had a lovely hot bath and a siesta. However the siesta lasted until after 8 p.m. and that was far too late to start getting ready to go out. So I’ve opted for an early night and an earlier start tomorrow. Let’s see if I make it to the recommended restaurant tomorrow!


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