Day 4 – Raining

Day 4 – Raining
Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

I think the first thing to say is that the breakfast was as good as yesterday and probably had been the day before. The dining room is L shaped and I hadn’t looked round the corner on the first day because tucked away on the back wall was a cool shelf with all the cut fresh fruit – peaches, melon, pineapple and fruit cocktail.

The second thing is it was raining, I still hopped in the shuttle bus at 8:45 and headed over to Venice, I had a plan after all. I was going to find the dome in the distance on one of my photos and then shop! Mmm remember when I said that Venice was a maze? Well I went the wrong way – several times. It’s so much more difficult in the rain, difficult to look up for landmarks, difficult to read the street and canal signs and the map was getting wetter and wetter by the minute, even though it was plastic coated 😦 I didn’t find the dome I wanted but I did find a beautiful and extremely old Gothic Basilica. Construction on it started in the 1300s and was finished about 100 years later. They are in the process of restoring it so I didn’t mind the 2.50 Euro entrance fee, plus I was out of the rain.

When I came out, after taking numerous photos and saying a prayer or two, I decided to give up I wouldn’t enjoy shopping in the rain. Part of the joy of shopping is looking in the windows and making up my mind whether or not to enter. So I rang for the shuttle bus and headed back to the pick up point. Mmm remember the maze! yes I took several wrong turns again! I followed the signs on the walls when I could find them but sometimes they were missing and I had to take a huge guess. I knew I was going back a different way and I tried to enjoy the new scenes unfolding before me but it was difficult all the while knowing I only had 45 minutes to get to the appropriate point. I made it, just, and also crossed a bridge that I had wanted to cross from day 1 lol.

Back in my room I realised I was actually soaked through to the skin and hadn’t really noticed. I had a soak in a hot bath and settled down to finish my book. No siesta this afternoon as I wanted to have a good solid night’s sleep before my journey home tomorrow. About three hours later my book was finished and I started to get ready for dinner. I thought I would try the hotel restaurant on my last night rather than the pizzeria across the road. It was very ‘Master chef’ but good quality and at 39 Euros for a swordfish starter, a lamb main course and half bottle Soave probably very reasonable in the circumstances.

I will be sorry to go home tomorrow there is still so much to do and see and buy! But I can always come back can’t I 🙂


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