Getting nearer


In less that 8 weeks on Friday I will have left!

It's getting serious now; I keep thinking I must set my plans in stone, I must make some decisions, I must start writing CVs. I heard about someone the other day who is in a similar position to me and has already written numerous CVs for various scenarios – that's organised. But then surely that is one of the reasons I'm leaving, I want a gap year or two. I want to be away from all the stress of having to do this by that date. So I'm not going to.

My dream is to be doing nothing other than a bit of this and bit of that when I want to and for those bits of this or bits of that earn me enough money to pay my bills. If I need to earn extra money to pay for a holiday, for example, then I will look for a short term full time job.

The bits of this and bits of that that I'm thinking of are jewellery or card making that I can sell at craft fairs; or life coaching; or property development. There are lots of courses available either online or at venues across Lancashire. I'm hoping to enlist the company friends either to study with me or allow me to test my skills on them (depending on the course).

Another possibility is coaching and advising people who want to become British Citizens. Now this is just a germ of an idea and may not pan out but it's something I think I could enjoy and be good at. This will need a bit of research I think so it's one for the back burner.

For now I must concentrate on all the mundane housekeeping things that I have to do at work before I leave the office, completing all my tasks, emptying my locker and drawers, deleting electronic files etc etc etc.


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