Research day

Spent a lot of time today researching my germ of an idea about advising on British Citizenship. There are lots of big firms out there advising, under the overall banner of ‘immigration’, on citizenship, work permits, visas and all sorts of stuff like that. I’ve ordered books from the Border Agency website and I’ve also looked into the legal aspects on the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner. To charge for advice I have to be registered and pass a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. If I don’t charge then I’m exempt so I can help friends whilst I go through the bureaucratic process and this will give me some experience as well. Win win 🙂

Another string to my bow which will help the Citizenship idea is gaining a TEFL/TESOL qualification. These are Teaching English as a Foreign Language/Speakers of Other Languages qualifications. Not only will this help when giving Citizenship advice, it will also open up jobs all over the World! This is a long term vision and pipe dream but does excite me 🙂


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