Weekend Update


Oh dear my IT skills have failed me badly this weekend 😦 I thought I’d posted an update from my smartphone on Saturday night but it didn’t publish. Then I thought I’d posted a tweaked update from my laptop on Sunday but on my smartphone on Monday I could only see the untweaked update so I deleted it. So here I am on Wednesday night hoping that I will be successful.

I’ve purchased an on-line ‘Proofreading’ course and started to work through it. The first exercise had a total of 22 errors or queries in it and I only spotted 6 of them – got a long way to go there then!

A friend on Facebook posted a link to Blackpool Airport which showed an advert for Temporary Contract part-time jobs for the summer. I really have to say thank you to that person as I would never have thought of looking for vacancies with that employer. I accessed the website and ‘pinned the app as a tab’ so I could access it easily and lo and behold more job adverts are popping up by the day. I have included the web address below if anyone else is interested 🙂


I’ve found out about a TEFL course run by UK-TEFL local in St Anne’s at the end of April. They also do them in Blackpool or Preston at other times but I fancy St Anne’s as I can stay with a friend. What I need to do is try to find out whether it’s a recommended course and stands up to scrutiny if I were to apply for a job. Again I have included the web address and if anyone has any info or feedback they would care to share I’d be grateful 😉


And Finally – my Avon sales manager is looking for new sales leaders so I have applied. I think there is some training to do and I suspect a lot more work for not very much reward but it’s worth investigating.


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