1st job applications completed


Well I’ve gone and done it – I’ve applied for the jobs at Blackpool Airport. What a nightmare completing the application forms though, 8 pages to fill in by hand. I have trouble writing a card without making a mistake never mind 8 pages! I decided to use a little initiative and printed my supporting statement rather than attempt to handwrite it without mistakes. The small print in the advert says that if I don’t hear by 4 weeks from the closing date (12th February) I haven’t been successful 😦

I’ve also had a little re-think about TEFL/TESOL. I don’t want to actually teach English at this stage, the purpose for me was more of a validation of my grammar so I can feel more confident if I choose to set myself up as a ‘British Citizenship Coach’. When I did my original research most companies offered condensed 120 hours, weekend or 3 day courses which all included classroom practice. There was one company that offered on-line learning in stages but I didn’t bookmark the page or ‘pin it’. Also they are all around the £300 mark, or at least the RRP is that price but there are lots of sales at the moment e.g. I saw an offer from Wowcher at £79. I think the most important thing for this line of work is to make sure that I am appropriately registered with the Officer of the Immigration Services Commission. Once I’ve cleared that I’ll look into TEFL/TESOL a bit more.

For now I think I’ll just relax a bit in terms of job hunting as I have a very busy social calendar for February and so little spare time to spend hours surfing the net – at least not job hunting, playing Candy Crush, Farm Heroes or Pet Rescue is a different matter 🙂


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