3rd and 4th job applications completed

I applied for 2 jobs at Blackpool Airport; Corporate and Customer Affairs Assistant and Passenger Services and Terminal Assistant. These jobs are 20 hours a week and shift work from between 4:30 a.m. to 12:00 midnight. This employer stated that they didn’t want CVs, instead applicants were required to fill in the company’s standard forms and submit them by post.

Job 3 is for a shop assistant in a new Sue Ryder shop opening near where I live. This job is 15 hours per week over 2 days, including some weekends. In the summer I could walk to work – I probably won’t but it’s near enough to do that. The closing date was Thursday and this company wanted applicants to apply on-line via their website. I nearly missed the deadline, I did register my interest and start to fill in the on-line form on Thursday but I didn’t actually complete the whole form until Friday night. I did receive an email saying they were processing my application so we’ll see 🙂

Job number 4 was what I call a shot in the dark and more about testing my CV. The advert said Junior Project Manager and as I have PRINCE2 Practitioner and years of experience on projects I think I have the skills to get an interview. When I completed my job profile on the jobs website I did limit it to part-time and temporary job adverts but I have a feeling this is a full time job. This employer requested a full CV so I used a link on the jobs website to a CV builder, chose a template and then uploaded it. All very quick and easy but when I started reading some of the examples I think my CV may be a little sparse, I need to learn to sell myself more – big myself up – as they say!

I found out about the above two jobs from jobstoday a website I would recommend. I registered with them, set up a job profile and they send me regular emails of jobs that match my criteria. It’s very easy to use and looks nice 😉 as per previous posts I have included the web address for those who may be interested.


I also receive emails from other jobsites that I have registered with but nothing else has taken my fancy yet.


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