A week of strangeness???

Dropped off the application for the ‘Duty Free’ shop assistant job at Blackpool airport tonight. I couldn’t find anyone to hand it to so I left it on a desk, not ideal I know. It felt very strange being able to walk around the airport unchallenged and not see 1 member of staff or security. I’m quite sure I was being watched on CCTV but it still felt strange!

I found out about a small glitch in calculating my final payment, apparently I hadn’t included all the required documentation (I’m convinced I did). What I found strange about this was that they wrote to my personal email account whilst I’m still at work and of course it was from an unrecognised sender and therefore went into my junk email. Luckily as I’m scrutinising all my emails hoping for a response to my job applications I didn’t miss it 🙂

I normally don’t work on a Monday but this week I swapped my non-working Monday for a Tuesday. How strange working on a Monday. I swapped so I could do ‘Ladies that lunch’ with my friend on her birthday. Now that felt great and it would be soo good if I could do that every week, even every month would be great but if I’m not successful in my job hunting…wait…positive thinking…I will get a job!

Now it’s only Tuesday so I wonder how many other strange things will happen this week.


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