No further strangeness

So this week didn’t turn out to be any more strange than any other week BUT something exciting did happen. A friend sent me a link to apply to be a volunteer at Eurovision in Copenhagen in May. At first the form wouldn’t accept my address but I sent an email to check if it was the form or the fact I lived in England, it was the form. They are more than happy to accept an application from me and suggested a workaround so I could complete the form. They will let me know by the end of March if I’m successful and in the beginning of April I could be jetting off to attend a mandatory volunteer’s training course 🙂

No news from any of the jobs I applied for, still another 10 days until the deadline for the airport jobs so fingers are still crossed. I think the project planner job is out, the small print on that one said if I didn’t hear anything in 2 weeks to assume not successful. I must look up the Sue Ryder job on their website but I haven’t had an email. Never mind I have some other irons in the fire and I’ll see what the job centre say when I sign on.


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