Best laid plans (or self fulfilling prophecy)

As the weeks unfolded at the beginning of the year and my final day seemed so far away, the tasks I had to complete seemed minimal and the time to complete them plentiful. There was a little devil on my shoulder saying don’t be too complacent anything can happen…and sure enough it did! I’ve gone and sprained my rib so basically lost this last week 😦 I haven’t fallen over, I haven’t been in a fight, all I did was a bit of cleaning. It seems my body can’t cope with moving a solid wood coffee table with one hand and a rug with the other in opposite directions (at least that’s when I think it happened I didn’t feel any pain until about 5 hours later). So now I have to work 5 full days next week to make sure all the the boxes are ticked, no winding down for me until the week after. Still it should mean the week will go by very quickly, if I had been on wind down it would have positively dragged – you see I can always find a silver lining 🙂

No news on the job application front. The 4 week deadline for 2 of the airport jobs is next Wednesday. I think there are probably 3 things that will have counted against me 1) I’m over 50, 2) I have 6 points on my license, 3) I have no experience – in no particular order if course. The deadline for the 3rd job is 2 weeks later. The deadline for the Project Planner job has been and gone and I’m not quite sure what’s happening with the job at the Sue Ryder shop. I’ll look into that more towards the end of next week. No other jobs applied for I’m going to wait and see what advice or help the Jobcentre can give me when I sign on the week after next!


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