Jewellery course

Wow what great time I’ve learnt so much in one day, the course was run by Samantha in her studio at Catforth. She showed us how to use the various tools, use headpins, cut wire, make loops, use jump rings and then merge all the skills together to make beautiful jewellery. I’ll definitely go on another course.


There were 7 of us on the course, all female and all very different. I did some networking and picked up information about soul music events, details of a B&B in the Isle of Wight and the contact details of a Holistic Therapist in Clitheroe.

Now that I have a bit of an idea what I’m doing I’m so glad I’ve not thrown away any of my old jewellery, I’m going to have so much fun cutting it to pieces and recycling it into something new. It’s surprising what you can use or re-use as ‘charms’. I’d be ever so grateful if anyone had any broken jewellery lying around that they would like to throw my way instead of in the bin 😀

Another great thing I found out about this morning was a couple of apps that show you where there are local car boot sales and flea markets. They just appeared in my Facebook news feed and I guess it was because of the text in my previous post. They both have very peculiar names and I haven’t tried them yet, has anyone else heard of them or tried them?


2 thoughts on “Jewellery course

  1. Hi Sue, glad you enjoyed the course, Samantha is a fab teacher and I should know I’ve just booked my 10 course with her!

    Didn’t realise you had taken a package, congratulations!! Hope the job search goes well 🙂

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