Not working is exhausting

Yesterday I claimed JSA on-line and today they rang me at 5 past 8 to arrange my work-focused interview. The first available date they had was when I’m on holiday so they have closed my claim. At first I was most put out and then I gave myself a good talking to – chill, I said to myself, it can wait. There’s no point getting up tight or angry, I’m entitled to x amount of weeks whether it starts this week or next week or the week after my entitlement won’t change.
2nd task today was a chat with a financial adviser.
3rd task was buying stock in readiness to start making jewellery after my holidays. A couple have friends have sorted through their cupboards and drawers too so my stock is looking good 🙂
4th task was visiting friends. I also met friends yesterday so I’ve racked up about 80 miles in 2 days.
And now I’m exhausted 🙂
One last thing, I mentioned a couple of apps in a previous post; shpock, the shop in your pocket and wallapop, which is similar. I thought they were apps about car boot or craft fair or flea market venues and dates but they aren’t, they are a way of selling items without going to a venue, very similar to another well known web site where you can sell second-hand goods. The difference with the 2 apps is they use your location to find items for sale in your area. Good idea but not what I’m looking for at the moment. I would be interested in any comments from people that have used the apps to buy or sell something though, for future reference of course.


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