Holiday posts – Catalogue of mini disasters

Why did I think leaving work would mean that all my stress would disappear, it’s just been replaced by different stress. This post will be about the little mishaps that have stressed me since Monday 24th March but I’m sure to you will be just usual ‘run of the mill’ daily occurrences that don’t even feature as a blip on a working person’s radar 🙂

Monday – I forgot to take the car to the garage to get a blown indicator bulb replaced.
Tuesday – The garage replaced the wrong light bulb, the spa lost our treatment bookings and my mate forgot one of her bags for travelling.
Wednesday – I used the wrong post code when looking up directions to the hotel and ended up at the airport gates instead of the hotel. I forgot to change out of my healed boots into my trainers for the flight and therefore no trainers to work out in when I got to Malta. My hand luggage was chosen as a spot check for a random drugs test and the flight was delayed by about 40 mins.
Thursday – The hotel hair dryer fell apart in my hands and I got locked in the bathroom.


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