Holiday posts – The good bits

Wednesday – Really do like Liverpool airport it’s so easy to get to and the terminal is just the right size; not too big or too small and has a very relaxed feel to it. Ryanair flights are fine as long as you follow the rules, we paid extra to sit at the front and it was a very interesting seat watching the stewards do their job and people going backwards and forwards to the smallest room. Talked to some interesting people; the owner of a couple of hotels who flies to England nearly every week to watch Man U, a couple who travelled from Birmingham on a last minute deal and a bar owner who invited me to join him in the smallest room, I couldn’t work out why he would do that so I politely declined.
Thursday – Lovely sunny day but a bit windy. Met a lovely couple  Colette and Kevin, got invited to 2 parties and had a lovely homemade steak pie for tea at Frank’s Tavern.
Friday – Had a lovely foot massage and then went to pick up the car. Packed up half my clothes and set off to the Radisson, checked in and unpacked. My ‘room’ is a self-catering apartment, with one bedroom, bathroom, lounge, kitchenette and a 20 something foot balcony overlooking the sea. The quality is something else and if you get the opportunity to try it out on a promotion week then I would thoroughly recommend it. We spent the evening playing cards, ordering from room service and destroying the best part of a bottle of vodka 🙂


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