Holiday posts – The good bits cont.

Ok so when did I last update, Friday, mmm and today is erm Tuesday, that’s 3 days of holiday activities to update not including today.
Saturday – In absolute heaven, slept until 11 in my massive bed and wasn’t even sure whether the sun was shinning or not the curtains are so thick. I pottered about the apartment, made green tea with lemon and then had a shower before going shopping for provisions. By the time we got all the basics; bread, cheese, water, fresh fruit, fresh veg; and we took it back to the apartment we were shattered. The hotel was doing something called ‘Earth Hour’ where they were supposed to be switching lights off around the hotel and using candles instead to conserve energy and raise awareness. We thought we’d go have a look at the pretty candles and soak up the atmosphere by having one quick drink in the bar and then come back to the apartment to watch a film. Well what damp squid that was we couldn’t see any candles anywhere and the only lights that appeared to be out were the balcony lights! Still it gave me an excuse to consume one of my favourite cocktails – Long Island Iced Tea, delicious. Then it was back to the room for an early night in preparation for a day of partying.
Sunday – Party day. Met our friends at the Villa Mare to celebrate their daughter’s 18th birthday. The Villa Mate is a lovely restaurant on the square in Bugibba. Fabulous meal with great company rounded off by a constitutional saunter back to the hotel. We also helped fellow tourists in need on the way. They were carrying a few heavy rucksacks and checking every street name obviously looking for something in particular and it turns out they were on their way to our hotel. They were a young Austrian couple over here for the diving. Good food, good wine and good company at Sunday lunchtime has to be followed by a siesta, it’s the law. After the assists it’s a quick shower and change to go back out for tea and more celebrating, this time at Chris’s for a delicious pizza. After a few bottles of wine and a disappointing football score for a Juventus fan we went back to our friends for a night cap before sauntering back to our hotel just after midnight.
Monday – Woke up with a bit of a hangover but nothing major considering the day before. In Malta this Monday was a feast day (Bank Holiday) so some shops were closed and the roads were quiet. We met up with our new ‘holiday besties’, who have nicknamed my friend and I the ‘chuckle sisters’, and drove them over to the Radisson at Golden Bay for the afternoon. A lovely chilling time spent by the pool and in the apartment drinking tea and eating ginger biscuits.


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