Holiday posts – The good bits The End!

As I mentioned previously I’ve not had the heart to keep up with my holiday posts, especially not the good bits. There will be a gap of a few days in this thread which has really been covered by the ‘Special’ post.
Thursday – I had a meeting with one of the timeshare ‘Membership Consultants’ on Tuesday and he gave us a voucher for a free breakfast in the hotel. This may not sound much but in the Radisson Golden Sands the buffet breakfast is around €15 per person! We redeemed the voucher on Thursday. One of our Maltese friends kindly took us out for a drive and a light lunch, then took us back to our hotel for the mandatory siesta before returning to pick us up for tea. Our friends cooked us a beautiful meal just perfect to my taste and then followed it with fresh strawberries and melted chocolate…mm mm mm. A really lovely, relaxing, quality day.
Friday – Change over day, check-out of the Radisson, take all our belongings to the one hotel and return the hire car. We took a leisurely walk back to the hotel. After a siesta we spent the evening at our usual haunt – Frank’s Tavern.
Saturday – This was an unusually cold, wet and windy day 😦 We had breakfast at Jesters as Frank’s doesn’t really open until nearly lunchtime, we stocked up on mixers for the last of our vodka and then went back to pack. We had a taxi booked for 10 on Sunday morning so not much time to pack in the morning. Spent a miserable 2 hours watching Newcastle United play Manchester United and then went for a walk to a couple of new pubs before going back to Frank’s to have a night cap and pick up our packed lunch. He is a love, he made us a couple of ham sandwiches and wrapped them up in cling film for our lunch on the flight the next day.
Sunday – Taxi arrived on time, we had agreed the night before that one of our new acquaintances could share the taxi with us and he kindly paid the fare 😉 We had a very smooth check in and the cases were 0.5 of a kilo underweight so that was perfect. As we passed through the duty free I couldn’t resist a couple of goodies before sitting down for a relaxing coffee. You know when they say ‘money is burning a hole in your pocket’? Well the sandwiches were burning a hole in my handbag so they got scoffed with our coffee before we even got on the plane. Mind you it’s a good job because there was none for sale on the plane. I think the inbound flight was delayed and therefore replenishing the stocks was one of the tasks not completed. It was a very uneventful flight and customs and transfer to the hotel where the car was parked were also very uneventful. We decided it wasn’t really appropriate to stay overnight at the hotel, it didn’t have any facilities such as a spa or even a dining room. Our original plan had been to go shopping at Dobbies next door and have tea then sit in our room and drink champagne to celebrate our respective retirements however, that seemed inappropriate considering events so I just drove straight home.


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