So I am actually unemployed

It kind of hit me on holiday that when I got back home I wouldn’t be going back to work, instead I would be actually unemployed. For me this is a very strange feeling as I have never been unemployed. Before I left school I had a Saturday job in Top Shop and then when I left school I was lucky enough to be taken on full-time. I worked in Top Shop for about 2 years before joining the Civil Service so unemployment and searching for work is all new to me. What made this all the more real too was coming home to my Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) award letter. Now those of you who have read my previous posts may be as surprised as I was to get this letter because before I went on holiday they told me they were closing my claim. I have received no other letters or emails and the award letter makes no mention of attending a Work-focused interview. All the letter says is I have been awarded from March to September and the allowance will be paid into my bank every fortnight πŸ™‚

Although my first post on this blog and a subsequent post have been entitled ‘the first day of the rest of my life’ realistically my ‘new’ life will begin on the first of May. I received my last monthly pay as usual on the last working day of March and effectively covers my bills for April therefore, it’s not really until May that I have no earned income to pay the bills. The award of JSA is a great help while I start to build up my businesses. My tasks over the next few weeks are to research the best suppliers of materials for making jewellery and cards as well as venues for selling them. I have one contact name for a regular fair at The Solarium in Blackpool but I’d love to hear any other recommendations of suppliers or venues.

On the job front I registered with Universal Jobmatch on the Directgov website. I found a couple of jobs that took my fancy and completed the online applications. I’ve received the acknowledgement and now I’m waiting to see if I get an interview. I’ve also started to get emails about jobs from Jobungo! I’ve absolutely no idea how I started to get these emails but the site does have some interesting jobs. I also get emails from jobsite and jobstoday and a friend has recommended that I try Hays recruitment. In between job hunting I have been researching jewellery making by watching Jewellery Maker channel on tv (Sky 655 or you can watch it online via They have guest designers and watching what they do has given me loads of ideas. One thing I liked in particular is working with a blow torch! No need to panic for me it’s just like the blow torches chefs use for deserts πŸ™‚


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