It’s true what they say…

…I have no idea how I found time to work.

It’s over a week since my last post and I have been busy every day. In my last post I talked about researching suppliers for jewellery and card making materials. I have a found a lovely website for beads. They have an extensive assortment of all shapes and sizes and by placing an order of over £15 I got free delivery. I ordered them on Monday and they arrived on Wednesday. The way they were packaged was excellent in many ways. They were in a very slim box that the postman was able to slip through the letterbox. There was a detailed invoice clearly stating which beads I’d ordered and the cost. Each set of beads were in small sealed bags with a product label stuck on the outside that corresponded with the invoice. All the bags were wrapped up together in lovely clear wrap which had butterfly silhouettes printed on it but not only this, most of the bags were actually fastened to the wrap with sticky backed plastic so that they didn’t move during transit. I don’t think I’ve ever ordered anything from the internet that has been so well packaged. I didn’t check the sizes of the beads before I ordered and 2 things were smaller than expected but that is my fault for not looking at a tape measure or ruler, the website description was exact.

The website is excellent for beads but didn’t have the ‘findings’ or chains that I wanted. Findings are the components that jewellery makers use to assemble jewellery, and include items such as clasps, earring backs and hooks — any component that holds the jewellery together. Both ebay and Amazon have these in abundance but the descriptions are not always accurate and quality is not guaranteed so you’re never quite sure you’ll get what you think you’ve ordered! I do live near a Hobbycraft so I popped in on Friday just to see what they were selling and the prices – big mistake! I was so lured by the pick and mix section of beads I must have spent over an hour filling a ‘large’ pot full of beads for £7.50. It sounds a lot at first but I ended up with over 100 beads of sizes similar to those I had bought on the website so that worked out at £0.075 pence per bead and in addition I had a small amount of the ‘seed’ beads. I also bought some glue and brushes for my card making so it was a worthwhile trip 🙂


On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I delivered my Avon and spent time with friends. This included another stock buying visit, this time to a wholesale place in Preston called JTF. JTF is very good discount place but the 2 things you have to look out for here is the sell by date on the perishables and calculating the VAT that is added on at the cash till. I bought some blank card and envelope packs which seemed to be a good price and when I looked in Hobbycraft they were selling the same ones at a higher price 🙂

I can now say I have everything that I need to make a decent amount of jewellery and cards to sell at a car boot sale. When people retire or partially retire they always say they don’t know how they found time to work. I’m finding this so true because although I need to sell my jewellery and cards to make money I have no free time to do a car boot or craft fair until the middle of May. Now don’t misunderstand me I am by no means complaining, I’m having to good a time to do that!


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