That Monday morning feeling

When I was an ’employed earner’ I worked 4 days a week and Monday was my non-working day. This meant my Monday morning feelings were usually ones of happiness as all my friends and acquaintances were returning to work on the Monday but I had another day off. It used to work well on a Friday afternoon too as I knew I had a 3 day weekend ahead of me 🙂 Then today I wake up and totally feel as though I have the Monday morning blues! How’s that happened? Maybe I’m feeling lonely now that my friends have gone back to work. It could also be something to do with getting 3 letters on Saturday from DWP, one of which told me they had stopped my JSA. The reason for the change?

“This is because the law says we cannot pay you”

Perfectly accurate but complete nonsense to a customer it doesn’t tell me anything and obviously generates an unnecessary call to JSA, which has to be the first job on my list today. I spoke to a nice young man who explained it was because I was out of the country. Apparently you can’t have JSA if you go on holiday the claim has to be closed and you have to re-claim when you come back. I asked him a few other questions about eligibility and started to have second thoughts about re-claiming. The eligibility section of the JSA pages on the GOV.UK website says that you can’t usually get contribution-based JSA if you are self-employed. As I’m trying to make money from crafting and blogging, plus some other side ventures, I’m probably technically ‘self-employed’. I think I’ll feel more comfortable saying I’m ‘self-employed’ than trying to meet the requirements set by JSA. Now that I’ve made that decision I’ll have to look into paying my own National Insurance and Tax but that can wait until next month!

Last week I started making my cards and jewellery in earnest whilst I was dog-sitting at my friend’s house. I had really forgotten how much I enjoyed making my cards and it was even more enjoyable now I had bought paintbrushes and glue. It felt like I was releasing the latent artist in me. Deep down in my soul I want spend my time being creative; I’d love to write songs and sing them but I think even cats would run a mile if I tried, I’d love to paint portraits but any freelance attempts look more like the end results from a ‘Warp my Face’ app for a smartphone! Making cards and jewellery is realising my creative dreams 🙂






I’ve set up a facebook page to run alongside my blog. An ex-colleague of mine gave me the idea as he has set one up for his blog and I’ve found this brilliant website that gives clear and simple hints and tips on how to get the best out of blogging.

Last week I also had a night out to celebrate my ‘retirement’ this time it was in Poulton-le-Fylde. A great night out, one of those that just flies by and you wake up the next morning wondering…

This week will be mainly made up of celebrating my cousin’s birthday (and the preparations for it) plus more research into craft suppliers and fairs at which I can sell my finished products. At some point I want to start selling my products on the internet. So if anyone out there regularly sells on the internet and is prepared to help me set up something or knows of any website with great hints and tips like those by Becca on Amuse Your Bouche I’d be grateful. I don’t think the photos I’ve taken above really do my products justice, I’d like to take more professional style photos just like the ones you see on other shop websites or in magazines.


2 thoughts on “That Monday morning feeling

  1. Hi Sue, hope all is going well and no more mini disasters… sometimes their are free workshops on blogging and social media offered by the local council, business start-up schemes, seem to be quite a lot in Manchester and burnley area. Am not sure which website I came across, think it was ‘eventbrite’ event booking website, otherwise a google search. all the best, Samantha x

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