Travelling and learning

The last 2 weeks have been great for me I’ve thoroughly enjoyed travelling up and down the country visiting friends and family. Bank Holiday week I travelled ‘down South’ and last week was this month’s visit to my Mum’s. During both trips I picked up loads of hints and tips for my ‘crafting’ and also made some great purchases. I have written about my journey ‘down South’ and the holiday things I did in my travel blog.

In Southampton my friend showed me glass painting and we chatted about how I could use the techniques in my card making. We also started to learn macrame from YouTube, which isn’t really the best format to learn so I think I’ll try to find some workshops or classes where I can practice more. When I visited my cousin and his family I learned about ‘Peyote stitching’ which is an ancient off-loom beading technique. Peyote jewellery pieces are often flat strip bracelets and if you use beads with a pearlised or metallic finish they can look like liquid metal draped on your wrist. The technique looks very intricate and pieces are likely to take me weeks to make so I think I’ll leave that for now, maybe it would be a good winter hobby! I also found out that there are actually beading magazines πŸ™‚

When I went to visit Mum in Newcastle I wasn’t expecting to do or find out about anything to do with my crafting but I did. My Niece’s friend makes her own jewellery and I have her business card. I found some great jewellery pieces in a British Heart Foundation charity shop. One of them gave me a fabulous idea for making a different style of necklace and another one had a fabulous glass pendant on a cheap nasty chain but the pendant was a real find πŸ™‚ Lastly when I popped into a bead shop I got some advice and bought glue for attaching flat beads to stud earrings. Now all I need to do is find some lovely flat beads πŸ™‚

I’ve got two stalls booked at craft fairs, one on Sunday the 25th May and the other one on Sunday 1st June. This meant I had to knuckle down and make some stock to sell. While at my Mum’s I made more of the cards I included in my last post plus some other designs. 20140513_201343 20140513_200850Then last Thursday night and Friday my friend and I sat and made necklaces and earrings. 20140518_223556I have a fair amount now but I’d like to make at least double the amount, especially as I’m doing the two craft fairs. I’ll post more photos on my Facebook page and next week I’ll post some photos of my stall.


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