1st Craft Fair

wpid-20140525_143106.jpg wpid-20140525_143052.jpgSunday 25th May was my first Craft Fair. I enjoyed the day but in terms of business and ‘making money to pay the bills’ it was a complete disaster! Initially I thought my stall was in a good spot because I had plenty of room for my new 6ft table and behind me I had an alcove with a shelf 🙂 However the Craft Fair was split between several function rooms which were not all adjoining. My stall ended up being the last one in the ‘flow’ plus I was behind a door 😦 I was selling an eclectic mix of items though so maybe it was also about presentation.wpid-20140525_143119.jpgwpid-20140525_143030.jpg Never mind, undeterred I move onwards and upwards to the next Craft Fair on Sunday the 1st June. I’d love to see you there.
May Craft FlyerCraft Fairs are not the only place where I can sell my creations, there are several on-line options. The obvious one of course is eBay but my cousin previously recommend Etsy to me so I have opened an Etsy ‘shop’ and listed 2 items of jewellery. I have only listed the 2 items at the moment to see how it goes as I don’t want to sell out of everything before next Sunday lol. I’ve also drafted a listing for my greetings cards on eBay but not hit the listing button just yet. This is because I’m offering to personalize my cards for special occasions, e.g. 40 Today or Happy Birthday Clara and I want to make some samples and upload photographs. I have included a link to my Etsy shop below. Another option for selling my creations is by ‘party selling’ hosted by friends in their homes. A few of my friends have already offered and I have 2 booked for later this year.


The disaster on Sunday has also made me more determined to look into making jewellery using both polymer and metal clay. I’m hoping I can model or mould unique pendants or charms for bracelets, any charms or small pendants could be attached to my greetings cards too.


Last week I spent another delightful Thursday evening making jewellery and plan to do the same again this week. Another thing on my ‘to do’ list for this week is to make enquiries about some mid-week car boot/table top sales. I know there used to be one on a Thursday morning in Longridge and a Thursday afternoon in Cleveleys and there are 2 or 3 a week in Preston City Centre. I also have to make up the samples of personalized cards for my eBay listing. Oh and this is customer delivery week for my Avon too. Phew another busy week then!


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