2nd Craft Fair

My stall 2nd JuneSunday 1st June was my 2nd Craft Fair and again in terms of business it was another disaster. Once again the fair was split over several rooms with some stall holders opting to set up outside as it was a nice day. There were several stall holders selling jewellery with 2 of them in my room. I don’t think anybody actually sold very much. One stall holder in my room sold about £5 worth of goods but myself and the other jewellery lady opposite sold nothing 😦 However I did chat to a few people and learnt a few things that will help me when looking for my next venues. I have no other stalls booked at the moment.

I’ve been looking back through my last posts and it seems I forgot to mention my acting experience. A friend of mine was recently an extra on Lewis when it was filmed in Oxford and I thought this may be a good option as an extra income source for me. She suggested that I search on-line for Agencies and I found one based in Carlisle. The owner of the Agency requests that anyone wanting to be put forward for any jobs attends one of his monthly workshops first. They are usually held on the first Sunday of every month in Carlisle so my friend and I went along on the 10th May. All I’m prepared to say is that it was an experience. We had several role plays to do throughout the afternoon that we had to join in with, there was no standing on the sidelines, and the last role play was acting out an excerpt from the film ‘Aliens’ on stage with everyone watching. However, the highlight of the afternoon was the appearance of a celebrity with a photo opportunity. I say celebrity with tongue in cheek as the guy was/is a contestant on this year’s BGT.10341836_10152437526518162_5044977020087383222_n
When talking to other people at the workshop we found out that most of them had recently been in ‘Jamaica Inn’ on BBC1 and various other productions. It seems they regularly attended the workshops and some of the children came along every month. Not really my cup of tea as I don’t like being the centre of attention, I just want to be one of the crowd. Since the workshop we have done some more research, found another agency and filled in their on-line application form. Last week we both received an email asking us to call in for a ‘chat’ tomorrow!!! I’ll let you know how I get on 🙂


I spent most of last week making some more cards and jewellery, trying different styles and researching verses to add to my cards so that they are not just blank. They look a lot better with the verses inserted but still didn’t sell on the day. Maybe they will sell better on eBay.

My stall 2nd June 2


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