Table Top sales – week 1

Tabel Top 5th June - jewelleryTable Top 5th June - cards
I did my first Table Top sale on the 5th June with no more success than the previous 2 Craft Fairs BUT it was much more fun and more cost effective. They are held weekly in the Cleveleys Community Church and Centre on a Thursday afternoon and the cost of a pitch is £7. Considering a pitch at the Mount in Wigan has now increased to £20 I think that is very reasonable 🙂 The organisers are new and the 5th June was their first event so it was very, very quiet with only 4 other stall holders but apparently 3 had cancelled. I did manage to sell 1 pair of earrings so it is a step in the right direction!

In my last post I mentioned going for a chat with Scream Management. Well it was very informative, I would say we certainly learnt a lot more about the financial side of things this time. There were about 12 of us there varying in ages from teenage students to the over 50s (maybe 60s as it can be so difficult to tell a person’s age!). The ‘booking agent’ as he called himself had a lot to say, basically he never shut up and kept repeating that you should never give up your day job as this is only a paid hobby. Too right! They are not prepared to put you on the books until you pay for one of their photo shoots at £98, you cannot use any photos you may already have for copyright reasons. If they do ‘take you on’ they are sole agents so you cannot be on anyone else’s books. They charge an administration fee every quarter by Direct Debit of around £2 per week whether you get any work or not. If you do get any work you have to pay for your own travelling expenses and they deduct 20% commission from your fee. Fees can be from £75 to £110 per day with extras for costume fittings if it is a period drama and filming can regularly be 10 or 12 hour days. So, say the filming is in Media City in Manchester and public transport is available at either end of the filming, my £75 fee would be less 20% commission, less £3 return bus fare, less £19 return train fare, less £4 return metro fare and perhaps less a proportion of the admin direct debit and upfront cost for the photo shoot. I calculate that to be around £30 for a 12 hour day! Erm – no thanks.

Finally, not wanting to brag or anything but I know the winners of this year’s Britain’s Got Talent – I was so glad Collabro won and I wish them all the success in the world 😉



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