Table Top – week 3

ok Firstly, apologies for such a big gap between posts. In my last post I was not able to tell you in advance that I was going on holiday because we were joining friends already on holiday in Malta as a surprise. Everything went perfectly according to plan including walking out of the hotel to find the friends we were surprising having lunch in the restaurant opposite! I have also celebrated a birthday since my last post and travelled to Newcastle to see my Mum and Scotland to see my cousins. I will write about my travelling in my Travel Blog and keep this one just for my crafting experiences.

I came back from holiday on Wednesday the 2nd of July and Table Top – week 3 was the next day. I spent a bit of time rearranging my stock because Father’s Day had come and gone so I no longer needed those cards but I still decided to take the Avon ‘gifts for men’ as they are not limited to a particular day. Once again it was a lovely day so carrying the stock back and forward was no chore. It was a very quiet day but between me and my business partner we managed to sell a similar amount to the previous week. There was also a customer who had come particularly to see me for some delicate pink nail varnish πŸ™‚ Unfortunately I didn’t have any with me only dark and vibrant colours, but it was great to know that people remembered what we sold and came especially. I promised I would bring some in 2 weeks as I wouldn’t be there the next week (10th July). It is a very friendly vibe at the venue and I really hope it picks up over the next few weeks.

On Friday the 5th July I started my birthday celebrations early and went out for lunch with my friend to Checco’s, a lovely Italian Restaurant just around the corner from where I live. Although this isn’t a crafting experience I just wanted to mention that I had a lovely meal there. They do a lunchtime special for Β£11.95 and I decided to try the Seabass fillet. I’m not usually a fish lover but I did really enjoy this and wanted to share my experience πŸ™‚

Anyway back to the crafting – I went on another jewellery making course on Saturday 5th July. What a great course. It was ‘wire working’ and I learned how to make broches and rings πŸ˜€ I have been out every day since the course and not had time to buy any wire or practice my skills but I will have time this week. I hope I haven’t forgotten how to do it and plan to have lots of new stock made for ‘week 5’! Thanks to Samantha for all the great advice and tips πŸ™‚ The next day (Sunday) I went to Manchester with my ‘Oxford’ cousins and I chose a jewellery making book as a birthday present, I’ll have great fun looking through it and trying to copy the techniques.

Now I can tell you what I’m up to next week I have no secrets to keep this time πŸ˜‰ Monday is catch up day with friends from where I used to work in Blackpool, this meeting is a ‘Ladies what coffee’. In the evening I have Avon duties. Tuesday my car has to go to the garage as I had a flat tyre last week and it needs some TLC, hopefully it wont cost me an arm and leg! In the evening I’m off to the pictures with my cousin and we will choose what we want to see when we get there. On Wednesday I’m meeting with the ‘Ladies what lunch’ and then in the afternoon and evening I have some serious jewellery making to do for Table Top – week 4. On Thursday it’s Table Top – week 4 and then on Friday I’m travelling to Southampton with a friend to spend the weekend (again I’ll talk about that in detail on my Travel Blog). I think that’s it for now. Next week I’ll include some photos of the new jewellery I make especially the rings and broches πŸ™‚


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