Table Tops in July

It’s a month since my last post and I just don’t know where the time has gone. The 8th of July was my birthday and I visited family in Scotland on the 9th and 10th which meant I wasn’t able to do a Table Top that week, but I have done a Table Top every Thursday since 🙂

These Table Tops are getting quite popular, not a huge number of customers but steadily picking up so I’m actually making a bit of money each week. I’m not in profit in terms of covering stock costs but my stall and petrol costs are covered so I’m happy for the moment. The other thing about the them though is that it’s a nice bunch of people. It was the co-organiser’s birthday last week and he and his wife invited me to his party 🙂 Also one of the regular customers was asking about various stock items as she was starting to think of Christmas presents!

During July I’ve ordered lots of new beads and started trying out different styles. I’ve made a bracelet using ‘oily drizzle’ beads. It looks lovely and is very heavy so feels quality but the beads are awful to work with 😦 They are quite literally oily and my hands felt fairly sticky afterwards so I don’t think I’ll make another bracelet. I did make an earrings and necklace set and a pair of earrings which all ‘felt’ better when making them.Heavy bracelet £5Necklace £3 (matching earrings available)Earrings £2Earrings with red bead and amber glass leaf £2

Next I’ve ventured into making elastic bangles. The first one I’ve made is with semi-precious stones, Rose Quartz and Unakite. One of the stall holders last Thursday also makes her own jewellery as well as head bands and she gave me some hints and tips about the best elastic to use and how to ‘tie off’ and neaten up the ends 🙂 I’ve added a link to her website below Unikite_Rose Quartz (1)

Another medium I’ve started to work with is buttons. For my first attempt I’ve used a ‘bought’ bracelet and added the buttons to it but then I’ve made the earrings from scratch. It’s quite fiddly the way I did it so I need to do some more research but I did come up with a brilliant idea (at least I think it’s brilliant) I used some pearlised cabochons that were too small for a previous project and added them to some ivory buttons and hey prestoNew shell buttonsEarrings to match braceletButton earrings view 2

I spend quite a lot of time trawling the internet for supplies and stumbled across some striped cabochons for a very reasonable price so I decided to take a risk. They have turned out to be fabulous, lovely colours and the perfect size to make a budget range of stud earrings. In fact I actually had a returning customer who bought extra pairs as presents 🙂 Candy striped studs £1 a pairCandy stripe and Roses £1 a pair

Finally I made an earring and necklace set for my friend’s 40th birthday in Hematite and white ‘shambala’ style disco beads. This is a special one off piece in style and coloursKathy's present (with light)

Now that the Table Tops have started to pick up I thought it may be a good time to try some Craft Fairs again so I read through ‘’ to see what was available for August. If you like going to fairs or any similar type events I really recommend this website and as usual I’ve included a link below. I found 3 that I thought would be good to try; Hutton Village Hall, Preston Grasshoppers RFC and a regular fair at the end of every month in Clitheroe. I’ve also booked a stall on a fund raising event at Preston North End FC but that’s not until the end of November. Hutton Village Hall was on Saturday and unfortunately it was as unsuccessful as my previous fairs. I did sell 2 pairs of earrings and some cards, so I’m starting to get an idea of what people are prepared to buy and I met some lovely stall holders. One of them uses some very interesting techniques that I’d like to find out more about; encaustic art (or hot wax painting) and glass fusing which you can do in the microwave apparently!

So in August, apart from the usual Thursday Table Tops, I have a fair on Sunday 17th at Preston Grasshoppers RFC and Saturday 30th at St Mary’s Hall, Clitheroe. In between those two fairs a friend of mine has agreed to host a house party for me where we will raise money for a local animal charity and she will also get some feedback for me on my creations. Well that was something I agreed to originally when I first started making jewellery, now that what I’m making is more about ‘creations’ I’m not sure I want too much feedback lol. Anyway I’ll write about each event after it has happened. In the meantime if anyone out there has anything to say about my musings please feel free to add a comment. If you would like to commision me to create something for you please send me an email or a PM on my Facebook page.
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