Christmas Fairs

That’s Christmas over then – well almost for me as a stallholder anyway. I’ll be at the Crafty Vintage Fair in Clitheroe on Saturday 13th December and then possibly a village Christmas Fair next Thursday evening.

I have done lots of different events since my last blog each with varying degrees of success. My most successful event was the Christmas fair at New Longton All Saints primary school so I’d like to say a huge thank you to them and in the spirit of goodwill to all at Christmas I’m not going to say which was my most unsuccessful event.

New Longton All Saints Primary 5th December 2014 (1)

New Longton All Saints Primary 5th December 2014 (2)

New Longton All Saints Primary 5th December 2014

Besides it would be difficult to calculate in terms of the various costs for the stall, raffle donation, petrol or profit margins on items sold and the time spent at the event. Some events, such as last Friday, were open for 2 hours but others were open most of the day from around 10 until 3. Next year I think I will avoid any events labelled as Christmas fairs in early November, I think most people don’t have the heart more than 4 weeks before Christmas.

Next year I have booked stalls at craft fairs organised by Bolton Craft Association which are held at the Last Drop Village. The first one is on Sunday 15th March. I’m also trying to get a stall at Blackpool Comic Con on the 12th September at the Winter Gardens Blackpool. I will need to start making jewellery and greetings cards with a Film, TV, Comic or Fantasy theme and as I already have a ‘penchant’ for The Hobbit I think I’ll start with a dragon theme. I love the Marvel films but I know a few people already who make superhero products so I’m going to stay away from jewellery with a comic theme. I also love science fiction films, Star Wars, Star Trek, Terminator – did you know there is another Terminator film due out in July 2015? – just about any science fiction film really πŸ˜€ I will make greetings cards with a comic theme though just as soon as I find out the best varnish to use on paper. I could print images on photo paper and use those on the cards but if anyone out there can recommend which varnish to use on ordinary paper I’d love to know?

It’s funny how things come round in full circle, one of my early part time jobs when I moved to Preston was a barmaid in the Stanley Arms. The Preston Science Fiction club regularly held a meeting using the function room of the Stanley Arms and I was the barmaid for the evening, once a month I think it was. They often had guest speakers who were usually Sci Fi authors but one celebrity guest was Richard O’Brien. Anyway I digress, the full circle is back to science fiction and also that I discovered how much I liked novels about dragons especially those that are more fantasy than fiction. Sometimes the science side is too complex for me it gets in the way of the story and stops me from being transported into another time πŸ˜‰


There’s still plenty of time before Christmas for me to make some jewellery for that special someone if you are stuck for what to buy and want something unique and different. Please feel free to comment on this post or send me a PM via FB πŸ™‚


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