Temporary work

Ok so I’m back from the photo shoot! Had a great time and met some fabulous people darling 😉

The photo shoot was part of the registration for the Mad Dog Casting Agency. I’d uploaded my details on their website a few months ago and received an email last week to say I’d been shortlisted for their Northern registration. Obviously at first I was a bit dubious especially when I spent half hour wandering around the back streets of Manchester trying to find an open office, they all seemed to be shuttered closed! During my search I bumped into 3 other people that were looking for the same place and eventually we were pointed in the right direction by a kind person (well someone in the one and only building with its shutters open!). We climbed about 5 or 6 flights of concrete steps into a big open room with seats and 2 sets of tables with laptops on them. The ‘staff’ had gone for their lunch and would be back at shortly. When they came back we stood in one line to register, then in another line to have our measurements taken and then in a third line for the photo shoot. The photographer took about a dozen shots of me, in the first shot he asked me to hold a sign with my name and number on just like in a mug shot and the last 2 shots were of my hands! Whilst I was stood in the 3 different queues I got chatting to some of the others registering; one was the minister who had married Sunita and Dev in Coronation Street and another had been an extra on set a few years ago 😉

Just before I left the house to go to Manchester I got a text to say I was being put forward for the film shoot planned in Blackpool on the 6/7th May. This is with a different company and, of course, it’s all down to the casting director of the film.

Less exciting temporary work I’ve done is admin work at Bensons for Beds HQ in Accrington. It’s been a great experience and I have to say it seems to be a nice place to work. Yes they have their targets but everyone was very friendly and they didn’t appear to be overly stressed. I was there for a few days each week over a period of 4 weeks helping with their recruitment drive for the first 2 weeks and then ringing customers to let them know the expected delivery date of the furniture they had ordered, for the second 2 weeks. The agency have offered me some other work since then but it was for today and of course I was otherwise engaged. Hopefully I’ll get a couple of days somewhere Monday/Tuesday next week but on Wednesday I have a stall at St Mary’s Catholic Academy Spring Fair in Blackpool. I’m really looking forward to this, I did the Christmas Fair and it was a huge success. Anyone reading this who lives near enough to pop along then please do so 😉


I’ve also had a call from Reed.co.uk because they had at last come across my CV. I’d uploaded it to their website last year when I left work but I think that because I had kept it very brief it was passed over. They have suggested that I revisit my CV and add more details about my skills. It seems they regularly have roles that they think I would be suitable for considering my experience in DWP but my CV lets me down. When I wrote it originally I’d restricted it to one page so now I will revisit following their advice.

I know I haven’t mentioned anything yet about my ‘February New Year Resolutions’ but I’ll save that for my next post shortly – honest! TTFN


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