1st rejection

I’ve not been selected as a volunteer for Eurovision 😦 They are keeping my name on file though in case they need more people nearer the time, so there is still hope. Now I have to look into buying my own ticket as I still want to go.

Nothing in the post from the airport so just about given up hope on those jobs. However I have sent an email to chase up the shop assistant vacancy at the new Sue Ryder shop.

Started to empty my personal drawers at work and realised I need some boxes to bring everything home. I thought a carrier bag or 2 would do but it looks like it’s going to be a box or 2, maybe even 3! And there may be more because for the last few years DWP has not issued paper wage slips to employees, we have to look on-line if we want to know the details of our wages but we do get paper P60s. I’ll have to have a think about whether I want to print off some of the pay slips, not sure if the P60s are all the evidence I will need? Gonna have to make the decision in the next few days as once I’ve left it’ll be too late to print them.


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